Christmas Flip Flop: Michael Granberry & The Dan Band

Christmas isn’t Christmas anymore without a holiday stop-motion animated short from my better half, Michael Granberry!  This week, showcases 2009’s Christmas Flip Flop, with all sets, puppets and animation by Michael, and music and vocals by The Dan Band

You may know The Dan Band from their appearances in the movies Old School and The Hangover, as well as their regular performances on The Tonight Show.  Last year, lead singer Dan Finnerty was looking to create a stop-motion holiday video for the band’s song Christmas Flip Flop.  Who better to perfectly capture the style of the band with the help of a masturbating rat and a one-legged lush wearing a tin foil cap than the twisted, creative and curious MG!

I’ve been witness to the evolution of Michael’s brilliant work going all the way back to his very first stop-motion short, the Land of the Lost-inspired Valley of Gwombi.  That film, as rough around the edges as Michael likes to proclaim it now, is partially why I fell in love with him (the chocolate and flowers he brought on our second date, which coincided with Valentine’s Day, didn’t hurt either).

Christmas Flip Flop is one of my favorite among favorites of MG’s work, from his very faithful re-creation of band members Dan, Gene Reed and John Kozeluh, to all the little details in the animation one might miss the first time around: the humble little shoulder shrug Sean gives while begging for the flip flop, the box full of “skinny jeans,” the deflated Halloween pumpkin on the porch and so many more!

Enjoy for yourself below:

Check back to TV Food and Drink next Tuesday for the next original Michael Granberry holiday video, The Naughty List,  featuring banished Christmas elves, carcinogenic ballerinas and a pair of “never goes out of style” roller booties!

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  • December 1, 2010 at 11:41 pm

    Thanks for the plug, baby! Love you madly… 😉

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