Price is Right Brand New Game – “Pay the Rent”

The Price is Right got its 39th season underway this morning with a lighter by eighty pounds Drew Carey, a new announcer (JD Roberts – one of three who will rotate manning the mic), and a brand new game kicking off the day, “Pay the Rent.”

The grand prize offered is a whopping $100,000… so of course you should expect that the game is not nearly as easy as say, “Cliffhangers” or “Secret X,” where recliner chairs and panini machines are the preferred prize fare, the great thing about this game is that you can obtain almost as much money as you would playing slotzo.

Not only is “Pay the Rent” tricky, but it’s actually even trickier that it first looks.  Based on the history of multi-product pricing games on TPIR, viewers and contestants have been conditioned into a “lowest to highest price” playing mentality.  That won’t work here. Contestants will have to combine two products whose prices, when added together, will cost more than the item or items on the floors below, but less than the item or items on the floors above.  This means that conceivably the least expensive item might have to be paired with the most expensive on a single floor, and that there is probably only one correct way to place the products each time in order to win the big money

Even with this somewhat unconventional twist, “Pay the Rent” is a lot of fun to watch.  It’s got everything a good pricing game needs: an exceedingly tempting top prize, lots of opportunities for Drew to recap the drama, chances to walk away with less money and a gameplay crafty enough to ensure it will take at least a few tries before someone finally manages to figure it out and score that one hundred grand.

But that someone sure wasn’t going to be the game’s debut contestant, Rebecca, who made the fatal mistake of having too many stupid friends in the audience and actually choosing to listen to them when money was at stake.  You don’t have to own a cat to know at what level she should have walked away. See for yourself. Am I right or am I right?


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