Listening To: “C’est Si Bon” – Ann-Margret

The music for “C’est Si Bon” (“It’s So Good”) was written in 1947 by Henri Betti, with English lyrics following later by Jerry Seelen.  Arguably, the most successful and popular rendition of the song was Eartha Kitt’s in 1954, but the Ann-Margret version made its way into my ears last weekend and hasn’t managed to leave since.

For the entirety of my youth the only thing I knew about Ann-Margret was that she sang a lot of disco, and occasionally popped up in spandex and strutted around on The Donny and Marie Show.  I had no knowledge of her prior work as a film actress and singer, so I thought she was only famous for being hot, the same way I thought Liza Minnelli was only famous for always being in rehab and Orson Welles was only famous for doing wine commercials
I have since seen Viva Las VegasBye Bye Birdie, and Carnal Knowledge, and though I still don’t really think of myself as an Ann-Margret fan, I sure dig her powerful throatiness on this song.  It kinda sneaks up on ya.  First, she sorta purrs and slinks around some piano dabbling and restrained horn runs, but by the end of the song, you don’t hear anything but the voice.

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One thought on “Listening To: “C’est Si Bon” – Ann-Margret

  • June 28, 2010 at 9:00 am

    I used to love Ann Margaret. Thanks for the memories.

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