Nu Wave Oven Super Goodness!


Miss Heidi Bohay is the Grand Dutchess of NuWave brand convection ovens, and after a particularly trying week for me at GSN Live, the hostess with the mostess snuck into my office and left me a NuWave as a feel-better present.

Heidi Bohay at the NuWave Oven Warehouse

I used to be the kind of guy who approached new home electronics and appliances with the motto of “plug in now, read directions later,” most often resulting in tightened firsts, raised blood pressure and a cat being thrown across the room. But I’m working at keeping it at zero these days.  So when MG saw the NuWave box on my kitchen counter and wanted to immediately rip into it, I had to explain to him that it would not be done that way.

First, I would lay out all the pieces in an orderly fashion on my bedspread, then I would locate the image of each piece in the operator’s manual, identify it and memorize its name. Then I would read all about how the NuWave has achieved its amazing breakthrough in cooking technology, how to properly clean it, the most effective ways to store it, and browse the entire recipe book, gently folding over the page corners in a “just so” manner to mark meals I might like to try. Every morning in the make-up room, Heidi would ask me “did you use the oven last night?” and I had to tell her “No, the time is not right yet.” Then she would roll her eyes and say, “You’re making this soooooo much harder than it is.”

Though at the time I was neither confident in the kitchen nor all that good at operating machinery, my virgin experience with the NuWave oven was an undeniable and succulent success! 11 minutes after turning it on, grilled pepper salmon and sweet corn on the cob was staring up at me and MG screaming “Eat us! Eat us! We’re so good!” Nu Wave clean up is a total snap (just like Heidi says it is in the infommercial), it makes next to no noise, it’s easy to manage, and to my boyfriend’s savory delight, looks like a 1950s sci-fi robot head! All of that, plus I get to count Heidi Bohay as one of my dearest friends!


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  • September 11, 2015 at 4:58 pm

    I was wondering if you ever lived in Medicine Park, Oklahoma and your mother was the Art teacher at Medicine Park Elementary School there?

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